Synthesys Review! What You Need To Know Before Buying

Synthesys Review - Introduction

Have you ever experienced the new Synthetic Speech Technology? This technology helps you to turn any script into a real human voice-over in minutes. Businesses will be lining up for getting voice overs done by personal voice-over artists. Synthetic Speech Technology is totally brand-new in the market place and it is such a game changer for any businesses in marketing strategy.

And today, I am going to share with you about Synthesis – the world’s first ever software using Synthetic Speech Technology. This great software generates real human voice-overs for you. With Synthesys, Businesses are no longer desperately looking for reliable and good voice-over artists to create.

So, let’s keep reading my article below to update more details about this great product and I will show you how to take advantage of this software from scratch!

Synthesys Review - Overview

Product nameSynthesys
VendorMario Brown et al
Front-end price$67
Release Date2020-Jul-20
Release Time11:00 EDT
RecommendedHigh Recommended
Skill levels neededNo need any skills
SupportEffective Response
BonusesYes, Huge Bonus
Refund30 Day Money Back Guarantee  

What is Synthesys?

Synthesys is a brand new text-to-speech technology. It is not the typical text-to-speech stuff that you’ve seen in the past. On Warrior Plus to Jvzoo was based on the Google or Amazon voice technology right with sounds okay, but still very robotic. I’m taking this to a whole different level .

In fact I encourage you right now to scroll down and press play on one of the examples that I have and I promise you that you will be blown away. I even gonna give you an example of a Google Voice and the voice so that you can see that there are the most human sounding voices in the game right now. There is nothing that you said you have seen before on Jvzoo or Warrior Plus that brings that type of quality to text-to-speech apps.

Synthesys has a beautiful dashboard. You just log in and enter the text. This software is gonna convert it in an amazing sounding voice-over for them right.

It has different categories and different voices as well so if you need a voice for a vesl, for an animated video, for podcasts, for a sales video for a TV commercial…

There are different accents for you, different pronunciations and it’s really quickly. And again the dashboard is very user-friendly and very easy to use.

About The Creator

Mario Brown and along with his friend Oliver Goodwin.. Even after having launched more than 40 blockbuster products in the past 8 years…

…till date He feel the same thrill and excitement bringing my customers tools that help them grow their business and explode their profits. He watch the trends with a hawk-eye and always try to analyze & predict the next BIG change.

He had been working on tapping the synthetic voices since last year.

But seeing the latest trends since the start of 2020…

… He pushed his team to ramp-up.

We all know…Businesses around the world are not going to be the same after this all ends.

Synthesys Review - Features & Benefits


Many unique features make this software more favorite than others. Some unique features of Synthesis are:

  • Leading-edge technology

To create a neural network, deep learning researchers train a dataset of voice recordings from real-life voice artists. This neural network lets users create audio clips from text data.

  • An unbeatable standard at unbeatable prices

With the latest developments in synthetic digital voicing, and super-fast text-to-speech conversion and rendering, there’s no other software, program, or resource on the market that comes near-at any price.

  • Higher commitment and a lower rate of bounce-guaranteed

Synthesys enhances visitor interaction. A creepy sounding robot asking them about the product or service does not repulse them.

  • Open up your scripts.

Professional voice-overs on your terms, on your timetables, and without any quality haggling. Light up your scripts in just a simple three steps.

  • Multifunctional usage

Synthesys can be widely used to create professional, personalized audio promotional material and more for gaming, podcasts, film & animation, real estate promotion videos, training videos, walkthrough videos, advertisements, etc.

  • Easy to blend in with

This software is budget-friendly technology. Synthesys supports you in your presentations and videos with a professional voice, thus saving you time and money.

  • Works smoothly on every device

Synthesys can use any web browser to access your stable Dashboard. It’s hosted on the cloud, so no installation or uploading of software is required.


You can experience the following benefits of this software:

  • Get Further Conversions

Synthesys helps you voice your call-to-action as a sincere request, rather than a sales pitch, to learn more.

  • Transform the Audience into Sales

Make more sales by incorporating scarcity to your voice over the sound, and get your customers on the fence to act.

  • Give full Involvement

Bring the script to life and express passion and enthusiasm to get the audience completely engaged with Synthesys.

  • Save Money and Energy

Synthesys helps you voice your call-to-action as a sincere request, not a sales pitch to know more.


How Does Synthesys Work?

Step 1: Discovery

Define your perfect business voice, gender & tone from 18 real voices.

Step 2: Create

Add your text script & click “Create”

Step 3: Launch

Deploy your voice on any platform or device, wherever you need it.

Watch The Complete Demo Video !

Synthesys Review - Pros & Cons


  • No complicated technical skills needed
  • No monthly fees – just one-time cost
  • 14-day money back guarantee
  • 100% newbie friendly
  • Easy to create real-human voice over from any script.
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Fast Audio Rendering Speed
  • No Google A.I Voice API, No Amazon Polly and No Wavenet Voice-Only Real & Natual Human Voiceover
  • Support Multiple Audio Characters


  • It’s a credit based application

Synthesys Review - Who Should Buy This?

  • All kind of marketers
  • All local businesses
  • Saas software marketers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Youtuber Vloggers (Video Creators)
  • Video salesman
  • Commercial marketers
  • Freelancers
  • And Many More..

Synthesys Review – Price And Evaluation


  • Access to 8 professional English voice actors
  • Sound editor for podcasts and audiobooks
  • Commercial License Included (Work With Clients)
  • 30,000 credits included
  • Special Bonuses

OTO 1:  Synthesys Pro – $67 (OTO 1 LINK FOR YOUR REFERENCE)

  • Feature #1: Extra 11 professional English voice actors: Extra (males/females) human sound voices that are built on real human voices. Each voice has its own personality. From deep voice perfect for instruction voice overs to storytelling or sales-ready to serve you 24h almost instantly.
  • Feature #2: New voices when they are released: New voices will automatically be credited to users’ accounts every time they become available.
  • Feature #3: Multiple rendering threads for bigger scripts: This very helpful feature allows users to render more text at the same time instead put 500 characters per render. It helps for faster voice scripts in a very short time.
  • Feature #4: Pronunciation: Feature where users can set specific words to be pronounced in a specific way. Sometimes the AI needs some help predicting pronunciation. This feature helps break your words into syllables or add quotation masks so help to spell your word the way you want to sound. You help the software understand you better and start learning from you.

OTO 2:  Synthesys DFY Boost Pack – $47 (OTO 2 LINK FOR YOUR REFERENCE)

  • Feature #1: Pre-rendered audio voice-overs for all niches proven to convert: Ready Prerendered voice over scripts from 15 seconds to 1 minute to be used right away to the users.
  • Feature #2: 100 text scripts that convert (All niches): DFY New scripts for commercial and explainer videos to use copy and paste or change right away for your business.
  • Feature #3: 15 – 20 scripts every single month without paying monthly fees: If you want to produce commercial voice overs but need some help with the writing and artistic direction, these sample voice over scripts, organized by industry, will help you to succeed. Each script contains artistic direction and demographic information and features a fictional company. You can use them as inspiration, and as a guide to help build your understanding of how audio scripts are formatted.
  • Feature #4: DFY TV Commercial for your business: Ready-made handpicked commercials created by our special advertising team with years of experience. These videos can be used right away for social advertising campaigns. These commercial video ad database with voice-over highlights are built to attract the attention of professional tv commercials from the best brands.

OTO 3: Synthesys Business 150K Extra Credits- $147 (OTO 3 LINK FOR YOUR REFERENCE)

[+] Synthesys Business 500K Extra Credits – $297

[+] Synthesys Business Unlimited Credits – $497

  • Feature #1: Multi-users Access: This will then allow you to create different logins for any employees or freelancers you may work with now or in the future.

OTO 4: 3 Popular Fully Animated Video Builders For One Special Price With Over 750 Templates – $67 (OTO 4 LINK FOR YOUR REFERENCE)

Users can create amazing commercial/agency/animated videos with our 3 very Popular Video software apps and use Synthesys to put voices over the videos. (instead of music)





Will I receive all the updates in the future?

 Yes. They have big plans for SYNTHESYS. This service is unique, and many things could change during the journey. As an Early-Adopter, you are going to receive all the updates and upgrades without being charged any extra fees.

Do I have a money-back guaranteed?

Yes, you have 14 days no questions money back guarantee.

What other languages are included?

Since they don’t use Google or Amazon technology, they support only the English language at the moment.

What is meant by 100,000 characters?

100,000 characters meaning that each letter is one character. They have packages to buy more characters when you run out of characters.

There is one more question I have, but I can’t find the answer on this page. What should I do?

Please Get In Touch With Them and they will be happy to answer all your questions

Bonuses From Author's Team

In addition, you will be getting tons the author’s greatest bonuses for your fast action:


This is the end of my Synthesys review. I hope that the article will lend you a hand in choosing the right tool for you to turn your business to the most sought-after agency across every niche, both locally and internationally. It is really easy to use and definitely new beginners will have no difficulty in using it!

So, you definitely want to own Synthesys now. Let’s click the sales button now before the price goes up.



Bonuses Part1


Bonus 1: The Lost Code

Bonus 2: The Fuego Multiplier

Bonus 3: The Secret Weapon

Bonus 4: The Fuego Breakout

Bonus 5: Urgency Suites Pro

Bonus 6: How to Write Headlines that Sell

Bonus 7: Zero Hour Work Days

Bonus 8: Easy Passive Paydays

Bonus 9: Launch Jacking Guide

Bonus 10: Adwords Re-Targeting Tutorial

Bonus 11: How to Build a Buyers List

Bonus 12: Jono's Bing Ads Course

Bonus 13: 500 Royalty Free Background Tracks

Bonus 14: Blogging & Traffic Primer

Bonus 15: How to Build a WordPress Site

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Bonus 39: $350 Per Sending Emails

Bonus 40: From Broke to $100k/Month


Bonuses Part2


Bonus 1: 10K Case Study

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Bonus 21: 10K Email Manifesto

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Bonus 28: Launch Jacking Formula

Bonus 29: Banking with Bonuses

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Bonus 32: Software Business in a Box

Bonus 33: FB Live Wire

Bonus 34: Zero to Profit with Printables

Bonus 35: Solo Ad Escape

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Bonus 37: CPA Income Crusher

Bonus 38: Facebook Live Handbook

Bonus 39: Ultimate Traffic Mantra

Bonus 40: Instagram made Simple


Step 1: Order Synthesys through my Synthesys Review:

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Step 2: After you complete the order, send [the receipt id] in a message to my email at: or complete your information on this page.

Step 3: I will send all bonuses for you within 24 hours. Please wait your bonus.

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